Many Miles from Home

Many miles away from home,

On a land unknown discovering the beauty laid.

Many miles away from home,

For the first time

Dancing barefoot

Hot sand burning my flesh.

Miles away from home

Moving unrestricted freedom

Holding your hand

Looking in your soul right through your eyes.

Miles away from home

Watching the sunset

The mesmerising blend of colours

Clouds turning dark.

Miles away from home

Packing and racing to get back

Missing the very last train

Panting with exhaustion.

Miles away from home,

Where tears settle down in eyes

Falling like the droplets of rain

Trembling with fear.

Miles away from home

Anxiety and stress takes its hold

Shouting and yelling

Accepting the helplessness.

Miles away from home

Falling asleep under the sky

Curled in your arms

Dreaming about all fantasies

Miles away from home

Rising up with the sun

In guarded arms of yours

Fears of yesterday all gone.

Miles away from home

Looking contend and happy

The waves washing away marks of tiredness

Standing up smiling from within.

Miles away from home

Joy meets terror

Terror turns into bliss

Making sugar coated memories.

Miles away from home

Finding a new home


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