Rose and The Butterfly

Updated: Jun 16

Was it a dream or reality?

Tears rolled down my cheeks

I saw him fly

It couldn’t be just coincidence.

Was he god or an angle?

His flight brought my lost happiness back,

His wings had colors of earth

So divine was he…

Big round black, yes that’s how his eyes were, just so perfect

They all the answers to my questions

I feared hardship, I feared so much

How coward was i…

So magnificent that butterfly was

He had something unique in him

He taught me to live

Which I had forgotten long ago…

I closed my eyes and it sat on my palm

All was so calm

I looked at him

Half with relief and half with fear…

I never wanted to part away with him

He was so full of life

He seemed to be from holy land

Although we were born on same sand.

I was never sure of what I did

But thought to follow my instinct

I shouldn’t have done that!

I wanted him to be with forever.

I closed my fist to capture my love

How could I’ve known that love can’t be captured

If I weren’t a Venus flytrap

How cruel I was…

How could I be so selfish

That too with my selfless butterfly?

I opened my palm to release my love

It flew away through the terrace, I ran after it…

So pure was his heart

It had left its color on my palm

Oh! How lovely my love was,

So humble, so divine it was

He never let a hint drop of his suffering

But came all the way like a fighter

Facing all odds and perhaps many more fly traps

Yet all it showed was love.

I stand in my terrace

And still find him sitting on that yellow rose

He always gives me immense pleasure

My sweet little earthly butterfly!

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