Girls | Good or Evil

Sunda and upasunda, the asura brothers, were the sons of nikumba,a decendent of hiranyakashyap who was the father of prahlad and was killed by lord Vishnu in his narasimha avatar.

The brothers loved each other deeply, they would do anything for each other, all their thoughts,actions and decisions were alike.It was as if they were one soul in two different bodies. No love was greater than their love. The tales of their bond was famous.

One day the brothers decided to perform hardest penance and austerity to please Brahma.

Gods tried to disturb and distract them as it was well known that if Brahma gave them boon, they would start destroying the world. But no effort of Gods could distract them. It is said that such was their devotion that even the mountain began to emit smoke.

Finally, pleased from their devotion Brahma appeared before them and asked what they wanted. Since, the brothers had common thinking and liking they said " we seek the Secret knowledge of magic,the arcane arts, the skills to use any weaponry, supreme strong body and the skill to change our forms and we seek the boon of immortality ".

It was however not possible for Brahma to grant the immortality to any mortal being. All those who are born must die. So, Brahma granted them all that they asked for and said that no man,no god and no magic or trick will ever be able to kill them but only they themselves could kill each other.

The brothers were happy with this boom,for they had acquired the power to become the lords of the universe and such were their love that they would in no way conceive of harming even a hair of each other.

With their newfound power they together set out to conquer the world. The earth was razed to ground under their power. The birds in the sky, fishes in the sea were all butchered. Kingdom after kingdom were captured.

Furious and scared the gods held a meeting and vishwakarma was summoned,the architecture of heaven. He was given the task of creating a beautiful girl who would prove to be undoing of the duo.

Vishwakarma went to every corner of the three worlds,gathering every iota of the best band beautiful things and gems. Having completed this task,he made the most beautiful girl, she was named Tilottama, Brahma gave her life.

Tilottama went to kurushetra, where the brothers were revelling in pleasure at this moment Tilottama made her appearance, pretending to pick flowers.

Sunda and Upsunda at the very moment fell for her and fought a duel to death. As the two brothers fell, the earth and all her creatures fell silent, saddened to see such a beautiful bond of brotherhood broken over a women.

So! That woman was evil because such a beautiful bond of brotherhood was broken by her or She was good because She saved The Earth from evil? Let me know in Comments below..

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