A Child Story!

Every night it became a ritual for my father to tell us a story. My father's stories have been an integral part of my childhood. And the story of Chunnu,Munnu and Tunnu is the one that my paternal grandmother would tell my father during his childhood days.

So,the story goes.... Chunnu (which in reality is my father's nickname), Munnu and Tunnu were three brothers. One day their mother made "kheer", the brothers loved kheer and once they finished with their portion of serving, a little of it was still left. So their father said that the kheer would be kept in refrigerator and the next morning the child with the best dream will get to eat it. Chunnu, Munnu and Tunnu went to sleep. The next morning, father said " Tunnu,since you're the eldest you relk your story first". Tunnu began " I saw that some kidnappers were taking away a girl, I ran after them and found their hideout and later fought them all single-handed and rescued the girl, the girl begged me to drop her home and on reaching there I came to know that the girl was a princess. Hearing about my bravery the king gave me a portion of his kingdom to rule and gave the princess to me in marriage". Hearing Tunnu's dream,father was pleased, then came Munnu's turn. Munnu began, "I saw that I am going to a nearby pond to take bath and there I saw an injured bird, I felt bad for its condition and gave it water to drink,at that moment the bird transformed into a beautiful angle. To pay me fir my kindness she took me to fairy land and there I was given fine silk robe to wear and finest foods to eat and slept on a bed of roses".

Hearing Munnu's dream, father smiled and then came Chunnu's turn. He began "in my dream I saw lord Hanuman, he was standing there beside my bed and told me to eat the kheer. I pleaded him saying that it was meant for the one with the best dream and hence I can't eat it. Furious lord hanuman took his gada and said if you don't go now and eat the kheer I will strike you with my gada, scared I ran to kitchen pulled open the refrigerator door and ate all the kheer."

After hearing about each one's dream father said," all of your dream was nice and interesting, let the kheer come first then I will decide whose story was the best" saying so he called their mother and when she opened the refrigerator she found the bowl empty. She went back and told this and everyone laughed hearing. Please put your comment in the comment section below and let me know who do think ate the kheer? If you liked it share and like!

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