The Source of Energy, The expanded power of God Spreads all around. The Almighty wishes to keep all in One Magnetic surrounding by a single Binding force. It exists everywhere. Its effect is Hiroshima & Nagasaki: history, Untold and heart-rending. It is the source of enlightenment & meditation.

Respect & worship it, Never misuse The microscopic Particles of Him, Combined to be composed For a greater Entity to create & blossom life.

A poem from the book A Silent Communicator: Published on the World Women’s Day (March 08 2014) Dr. R. K. MOHANTY.

This is a poem written by Dr. R. K. Mohanty, he is an English professor. The topic may create some issue but the content is so true and realistic it Need deep, mature and high broad level thinking To understand that!

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