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We might only have 100 years left on Earth

Stephen Hawking - adjusted his doomsday timer for Earth, slashing 900 years from his initial 1,000-year estimate. According to the famous physicist, humanity has a century left to evacuate the planet and become multi-planetary species.

We all know the level of population and pollution growth. November of last year, he said we have 1,000 years to leave Earth. Now, he’s cut it down to 100— leaving us to wonder just how bad the past few months have been. They’d arguably have to have been pretty bad for Hawking to drastically cut our time on Earth by 900 years in one fell swoop.This isn’t the first time Hawking has given a doomsday prediction. In recent years, he’s warned about how super artificial intelligence (AI) would end humankind and how contacting extraterrestrial life would go bonkers for humanity.

This is time to rise up. AC air is not that satisfying as that of sitting under a TREE! A true Developed country will look green from the space.

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Source:- https://futurism.com/stephen-hawking-humanity-only-has-100-years-left-on-earth-before-doomsday/

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