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Updated: Jun 27

Hey pretty girls and gorgeous ladies! We all have suffered shoe bite at some point of time or other. This time I have come up with some amazing shoe hack ideas and I use them frequently.

1. Freeze your shoes!

Yes, you hear it right, fill in your new shoes with woollen socks or paper or any other cloth make it stuffed and wrap in plastic ( you wouldn't want to put your shoes straight in freeze) and place it in the freezer overnight. They will stretch a bit and will be comfortable to wear.

2. Band-Aid comes to your aid!

Okay we do apply a band-aid on cuts but you can simply apply it before, on your feet or on the area of the shoe that hurts, this will prevent a painful cut 😉

3. Vaseline comes handy!!

If you do not prepare all you can do is apply some petroleum jelly on your toes and this will reduce Friction. Friction between the shoe material and the toes causes shoe bite.

4. Got sweaty toes? Try Talcum powder!

You can use any baby or talcum powder if you have really sweaty feet. This will not only prevent bad odour but will give you a much more comfortable feel.

5. Bought a new shoe? Try it at home first!

Before wearing any new shoe out for the first time make sure you wear it at home. This will help you know if you can carry it on for the whole day or just for a few hours.

6. The heel rule!

Don't wear heels more than two consecutive days. If you're new to heels go for broad heal base, they are far more comfortable than the steep ones.

7. Wanna wear your tennis shoes on a rainy day??

It is raining and still you don't want to part away with your favourite tennis shoes, no doubt they are too comfortable and in fashion. Rub a candle thoroughly on it. Wax on the candle is waterproof. You are good to rock your tennis shoe look.

8. Remember jootis and plumps must be bought a size smaller as they tend to expand on regular use

9. You can buy scroll shoe pads and stick them on your favourite shoes, this will make your footwear really comfortable to wear.

10. The leather of your favourite boot chipped off? Don't worry you can scratch off the whole leather clean it and paint it using your favourite fabric paint. You can even stick eyelids and studded on your boot to give it a complete makeover.

Let me know in your comment if this article was useful. Have you any great shoe hack ideas? Don't forget to pin it in your comment. Flaunt your style in comfort! Keep checking the page for more updates!

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