• Abhinav Kumar Maurya

Make Money Online!

Internet, Mobile device or Laptop is all you need to start making money online! It is very simple and easy. Here are a few best and THE MOST Paying ways. Drop your questions in the comments below.

1) YouTube

YouTube is the best and most easiest way to make money. If you are a good singer, dancer or you have any content. You can make its video and upload it on YouTube.

If you don't have anything. You can upload your own daily video, known as Vlog.

To Increase views and Subscribers you can post your video at Site Valley!


i) Adsense Approval and Account Block

Adsense approval takes a very long time. But if you have long videos and good traffic to your channel you can easily get the approval.

Adsense also block account. If you click on Ads of your own channel or ask your friends to click on your Ads.

2) Website or Blog

If you are a writer then a website or a blog is best for you. Write your content and put Ads in your website.


i) Website or Blog?

Free website domain don't allows you to add your Ads. So you have to buy a domain. It is costly. So go for blog.

ii) Best option for Ads?

If you want to advertise on your blog or website. You will most probably go for Adsense. But Adsense pays you only for ad clicks. Hence, Very Low Income.​​

The Best option is Adfly.

You can add ads of Adfly in your website or blog. Adfly will pay you for each visit to your website or blog. Even you can shorten links using Adfly and share it. You can share it on any social networks. Such as, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. You Will Get Paid For Each Click On Your Shorten Links! To Register On Adfly Click Below.

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