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Bitcoins! All you need to know!

What is a bitcoin? Why it worth so much? How to mine bitcoin? How to convert bitcoins into cash? On 30-Nov-2017. 1 Bitcoin was equals to $11,000/-

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency – the system works without a central repository or single administrator. Wikipedia

Value of bitcoin changes on time. On 30-Nov-2017. 1 Bitcoin was equals to $11,000/-

What actually is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, the first and still the biggest example of its type. At its core, it’s a new form of digital asset, created through a canny combination of encryption (the same technology that protects WhatsApp from eavesdropping) and peer-to-peer networking (which allowed music piracy to blossom in the 00s through services such as Kazaa).

Is bitcoin the only cryptocurrency?

Not at all, although it’s still the most valuable. After bitcoin’s creation in 2009, a number of other cryptocurrencies sought to replicate its success by taking its free, public code and tweaking it for different purposes.

So is it a bubble?

Few would argue that there isn’t a lot of speculation in the cryptocurrency market. There are adverts on the London underground, and all over Instagram and Facebook, encouraging viewers to “invest in cryptocurrencies” and, judging by the amount of money flowing in to the ecosystem, a lot of people are taking up the offer.

At some point, those people will get flighty and try to cash out their gains. If enough do at once, the price of bitcoin will take such a tumble that it will prompt a run and we’ll see the classic crash.

Watch this video to learn how to mine bitcoin easily and free :-

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