• Abhinav

Android or iOS which one to buy?

At this time it's hard to decide whether to buy an Android phone or an Apple mobile. But actually it's quite easy. Here I have tried my best to not be biased and provide you with the facts.

What I need to consider before buying a phone?

First of all, you need to calculate your budget.

If your budget is enough to buy any mobile. Then let's continue.

What do you use your phone for?

I know, the phone is mostly used for calling purposes but now it is not confined to calling.

If you use extensively for games, social networks and the internet. Then you need a good mobile with a nice processor and memory. And definitely a big fat battery which can provide you with the juice.

In this case, you can go with Android devices like OnePlus or Google pixel. But there is a big problem. They provide with a big fat battery with fast charging.

This fast-charging damage the battery life. And battery performance decrease.

On the other hand, Apple doesn't use fast charging. It also has a built-in circuit board and a software that prevents the iPhone from heating and maintaining the battery life to 100%.

Advantages and disadvantage of an Apple iPhone.

  • Overpriced. We all know that the iPhone is overpriced. But it has a very good reason. It provides the premium quality. One iPhone can be your partner for at least 5 years.

  • Security and privacy. Apple doesn't track your data and your information. It is very important for a person who what's privacy.

  • Battery life. Apple is improving its battery life with the new iPhone. With heavy use, it can last the day. Well, this is the case with every other phone. But the best part is. Apple's iPhone battery last for at least 2.5 years.

  • Software, iOS. The best thing about the iPhone, in my opinion, is its operating system iOS. With a very smooth experience. Apple is also very serious with the security and stability of the iOS. So, they keep on updating it frequently with added new features.

  • Customization. Apple sucks at customization. The main UI is quite pre-defined by Apple. You don't have many options to customize. But Apple now considering this issue and have provided with some customization.

  • Ecosystem. What is Apple ecosystem? Well, as ecosystem means inter depending and communication of living things. Similarly, it is inter the connection of Apple products. And it's is very awesome. If you are using Apple products. Such as Mac OS. Then consider buying an iPhone. The connection between the two apple product is seamless and very convenient. But it is not convenient with other operating systems.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Android devices.

  • Price. Android devices have a very wide range of devices with a wide range of price. It is available for every social group. But because of the low price. It has low build quality. Android devices work with its full potential only for a few months.

  • Battery. Some Android devices comes with a very big and giant battery. Which promise you to last long and fast charge. It can last for 1-2 days but in the long term, it's performance get lost.

  • Security and privacy. Android sucks with the security and privacy of the user. If you search for any product in your Amazon app. You will start seeing ads of the same product every were. Like on Google and youtube.

  • Life. Any android device are made keeping in mind that the user will replace that device within a year. No Android devices are at it's best performance after a year.

This is my point of view, please do your research before putting your valuable money anywhere.