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Apocalypse: When the world submerged in water?

Almost in every religion, there is a time of apocalypse in which god had submerged the whole world. And rest the living. Is water apocalypse is happening again? I have collected much information from different sources. Please share your thoughts in comments.

Was Earth submerged in water according to The Bible?

In the first few lines of The Bible, God is said to have ‘moved upon the face of the waters’ before creating continents and landmasses. (Source)

So, According to the bible. It is true. God had maid life on the water. There was nothing except water.

Was Earth submerged in water according to Hindu Mythology?

Lord Vishnu toke avatar of a fish Matsya. The was to kill evil. But letter on, Siv submerged the world with water. Letter Vishnu as Matsya came to rescue mankind. (Source)

You will find such an incident in every mythology. Same incident, almost the same timeline and the same aim. From this, we can conclude that there must be a time when the whole world was submerged.

There are many live examples of submerged cities. You can check it out in this Post by BBC.

How the world will end?

Apocalypse can cause by any means. But for the time being. Most alarming issue is the melting of ice caps.

Why ice caps are melting?

Well, the earth is warming up. As the temperature increase, ice will melt. Earth temperature rising is not the only issue for ice caps melt.

When water is in solid form it reflects 90% of light. Hence low absorption of light hence low increase in temperature of ice. But when It changed to water, it absorbs a lot of light and the temperature of water increases a lot. And this also increase the rate of ice melt.

Will earth submerged in water?

No! If all ice melts. The world sea level will rise up to 50m. For more information read this post by National Geographic.

But this may lead to another disaster. And then that disaster will lead to another disaster. The world has already faced a lot. Either we will learn to live with it or the world will end.

I want to share only positive thoughts. So hope, We learn to live with it or start fixing our mother earth.

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