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Are News Channels Giving You Any News?

Updated: Jul 21

Are you watching a news channel or an entertainment channel? Here, I am trying to tell you what actually news means. How news is effecting your life. Are you even listening to news? Most of the channels tell it is news but is it? And which channel you should watch to get exact news.

What is the definition of news?

News is information about current events. This may be provided through many different media: word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication, or through the testimony of observers and witnesses to events. (Source)

Information. News should provide you with information. But when you watch a news channel, do you get information?

Yes, But more question marks then information. They provide information but leave you to decide what you are going to do with it. Indian media is worst among all the media in the world.

There is a channel ABP news. It has a program which clears out fake news. But is it?

If you know any news is fake. What will you do? You will say this is a piece of fake news and truth is this. You will focus on truth rather than that fake news! This is a video of 9 min long from ABP news about rumours about ₹2000 note. The took all the time in repeating the same things for the whole time. And declare it within 30 sec. Watch it on your own risk!

Why Indian media is worst?

Indian media is all focused on it TRP. They don't care about people feelings and anything. They try their best to convert any news into Hindu- Muslim issue. By mistake, I searched, Which news channel has the highest TRP?

Seriously, Zee News?

Zee News is an entertainment channel, not a news channel. You don't believe me watch this video. Here you also see some other channel news, and how hard they are trying to entertain us.

And the worst part is. They never say sorry!

Actually no one cares about it.

Watch any news channel there you will always find a question mark in the end. They never complete any news. I have also used a question mark in the title. It is just a spice. Which brings viewers.

Here is some example:-

Screenshot from YouTube of Aaj Tak YouTube channel.

Screenshot from YouTube of DD News YouTube channel.

Can you see the titles of these screenshots?

Now let us talk about the views!

Why the worst news channels have high viewers?

Simple, We love to watch which we want to happen! Truth hurts!

DD News has low view counts. Because it telling the good steps taken by coordinations of state and central government. On another hand, Aaj Tak is covering the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Most of the channels show only those things which we want to here. They can elaborate any topic to infinity.

What should you do in such a world of fake news? Where news is a business, not information!

We have to understand. This trend of showing what viewers want to watch is somewhat we have created. And we are the only one which can stop it.

Media is very good. It can spread information as a wildfire. Media can also create riots!

Watch what is true. And always ask from your self. Are you getting any information out of it?

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