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Blues of lockdown

It’s been quite a while now that we are all spending our lives, inside our homes, alone or with family, neither endless hours of Netflix can’t soothe the restlessness we feel nor sleeping at an ungodly hour after watching reruns on Netflix excessively while we are all waiting for this current situation to be over and, going back to the old normal seems more enticing than anything but that doesn’t mean that we give in to the desperation and frustration and step outside while jeopardizing your health and others. Hence, we find creative ways to entertain ourselves as we stay inside.

Besides if we look at the bright side of this lockdown, people are getting craftier to brighten their day in this depressing times like taking out the trash with style or wearing their best clothes just to go nowhere but to keep themselves sane or having a virtual party with flashlights and colored plastic wraps.

Some of the weirdness that we can use to bring normality to our lives and hence make our lives a little less morbid. we can do certain activities to keep our minds engaged and our bodies healthy, like connecting with friends through a phone call or skype, communicating with your parents, helping them do their chores, reading books, painting, making videos, yoga or, doing activities that bring you joy and pleasure. And alternate between activities so it keeps you away from boredom. lastly, stay well informed but not obsessed with the news, wash your HANDS, and stay inside.