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Do you know what is PRIDE?

June is known as the Pride month. An entire month to celebrate the people of the LGBTQ, once a year in most of the cities, some cities choose to celebrate another time of the year,

celebrated in numerous ways like parades, protests, gatherings, music, dance parties, drag performances, festivals to uplift LGBTQ voices, and give them the freedom to embrace themselves and also rejoicing their years of struggling and fighting the tyranny.

On June 28, 1969, The Stonewall inn in Greenwich Village, New York, the inn used to be a haven for the people of the LGBT community. the cops raided the inn and arrested customers and patrons in the bar, frustrated with constant discrimination and harassment for years they struck back and, gave rise to a riot which is now known as Stonewall uprising and a year after that the first Pride parade was celebrated and commemorated in June, The Stonewall uprising was fuel to the gay rights movement.

Symbol of pride:

The rainbow or Pride flag- designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978 who was commissioned by Harvey Milk(San Francisco city supervisor) an openly gay leader, originally it was 8 striped flag in which each colour on the flag expresses a different meaning hot pink known for sex, red known for life, orange known for healing, yellow - sunlight, green - nature, turquoise -magic/art, indigo- serenity, violet-spirit but over the years it has been modified. Now, it is a well known six striped flag where the red signifies life, orange signifies healing, yellow signifies sunlight, green signifies nature, blue signifies harmony, and purple signifies spirit.

How the word " Pride" was born?

Brenda Howard a proud bisexual woman and activist known as The " Mother of Pride", who stood up for minorities and protested for the rights of the people, organized, and coordinated activities for the very first LGBTQ pride march in 1970.

How can we celebrate Pride 2020?

By taking part in parades, marches, and educating ourselves and a lot more, since this year's celebration and all the jazz can't be done outside, because of COVID 19, support and celebrate pride by doing small things like supporting and cheering for the LGBTQ community on social media, using pronouns, virtual parades, viewing different shows, joining different competitions, etc.