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How to use your unused data and make money? Passive Income.

It is funny. I was looking for any ways to make money without doing anything at all. Then I came up with a lot of different ways. Most of them were fake. But this Honeygain is quite legit. I have also put a payment prove by Honeygain at the bottom of this post.

What is Honeygain?

According to there website www.honeygain.com.

"The traffic will come from approved business partners who run web intelligence, market research and content delivery services."

"Honeygain network enables hundreds of consumer-facing businesses to research the web and make our future brighter."

"The Honeygain network is used for brand protection campaigns, perform SEO monitoring, as well as to conduct ad verification and content delivery services."

Why Honeygain will pay me?

Whenever you visit any website or you turn on your network. There is some unused network. That is shared by Honeygain to data scientists. And for your data you shared. Honeygain pays you. (Source)

How Honeygain pays to its users?

Paypal. Honeygain has only one payment mode for now. So, Signup with the same email ID that you have used for Paypal. Use this link to get $5 as signup bonus. If you didn't signup with this link you will not get a bonus any time in future.

What is minimum payout in Honeygain?

The minimum payout in Honeygain is $20. So, Use this link. It will give you an extra $5 in Honeygain. Hence you will able to reach the payout soon.

Is Honeygain legit?

Yes, I have used this link to get extra $5. It helped me in reaching the goal. I have got my payout from Honeygain too. Here is the payment proof of Honeygain.

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