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Is This Reality Is Real?

I'm not going to use any hi-fi science words. I'm just trying to share my research with you as simple as possible. Even a boy of pr-school could understand this. So let us start!

What is reality?

According to Wikipedia. Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within a system, as opposed to that which is only imaginary.

But, are we defining reality correctly?

We are bound to our limitation by imagination. We can't think of a house without concrete or stones. That is the reality we defined. Just ask a bird. A home for them is always self maid on a high tree branch.

How can we say the reality is real?

To answer this question. First, let us talk about dimensions. What are the dimensions and how they work?

We live in a 3D or 3 Dimension world. According to string theory, there can be 11 dimensions. Well, I'm not going to explain string theory. It will become a si-fi post.

lets quickly understand the dimensions.

What is 1-D or 1 Dimension?

The best example of 1-D is a straight line. Where you can move either forward or backwards. Not in any other direction. Let its x-axis.

What is 2-D?

Well, in 2-D, one extra dimension is added. And now you can move into one extra direction. Let say y-axis. The best example of 2-D is The T.V. screen. Whatever you watch on television is a 2-D representation of objects. But because of our habits and imagination. We think of a 2-D object on our TV screen as a 3-D object.

What is 3-D?

3-D is our world. We live in it. In this, there are three axes. X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis. So, now we can move into one extra dimension that is Z-axis.

Similarly, there can be more dimensions. But we don't know them. And it is hard to explain them too.

How to understand higher dimensions?

Any dimensions other then 3-D is known as higher dimensions. Take a 2-D object. Like a paper sheet. And place it in front of the light. Well, it will project a shadow. which will be again a 2-D. But when you rotate the paper sheet in such a way that the shadow becomes a straight line. Well, now the 2-D object is producing 1-D object. Similarly, You can use the 3-D object to produce a 2-D object.

Now think about an object that is producing a 3-D projection. Well, that's not easy. We can imagine a 4-D object. That's our limitation.

In other words, there can be many dimensions. There is also the theory of the infinite universe. A universe in which you are an actor. In another universe where Rick And Morty are wanting you on there inter-galactic TV cable.

There are a lot of theories and possibilities. And the answer is still unknown. We don't even understand the Quantum theory for now. Quantum theory has the ability to answer lots of our questions. But for that, we have to understand it first. Let discuss it in any other post.

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