• Abhinav

US anti-lockdown protests and how it can affect India.

Updated: May 27

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People in the US are now coming out of there home. They are homesick? They don't fear the virus? Who is behind these protests? And whoe will it effect India?

Well, it is a big question. People are risking there lives, even after multiple warnings from professional healthcare and doctors.

Last month John McDaniel, a 60-year-old from Marion, Ohio, wrote a series of Facebook posts in which he described the coronavirus outbreak as a “political ploy” and decried the “madness” of the governor’s decision to close the state’s restaurants and bars.

“If you are paranoid about getting sick, just don’t go out,” he wrote, adding that others should not be prevented from “living [their] lives”.

Well, There is somewhat true in it. But there is also a very high risk. In my opinion. This is thinking of a selfish and self central person.

India is also at the tip of an anti-lockdown protest.

In India, the Government is providing food and many essential products to the citizen at its best. But, We are talking about a country with a population of 135.26 crores (2018). In which, most of the population in India belongs to the middle class family.

In such condition. We can't afford or even handle an outbreak of coronavirus like the US. The best way is to stay safe and stay inside.

The growth rate of COVID-19 is very low in India just because of lockdown. It might have been better if the government have had acted much before. Though, it is confined in some areas.

Why people are protesting for anti-lockdown?

Well, most of the people are not serious about the damage it can cause. People should ask the citizens of Italy and Spain.

People in the US work in companies for the salary as any of other countries. But due to the stock crash. Many companies in the US got effected. How can a company pay to their employes if they don't have money in there bank accounts?

The same condition can also generate in India. With much worse situations.

people in the US have started acting on it.

In India, we have all the resources for now. But if it continues. It will affect the worst.

So, Please, Stay Home, Stay Safe!