• Abhinav

What Girls Really Want?

Updated: May 27

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Everyone has a thought in mind, What girls really want? Well, it's not easy to answer. After survey and taking opinions from a lots of girls. I am going to write about my experience. All girls are not the same, They are just like chapatis from different flour. Hope you can understand, what I am trying to say here!

Do girls prefer rich guy?

It's definitely a yes! You may say, your girl is not a gold digger or you or not into a rich guy. But bear with me, let me explain!

No, matter how much she loves you. At the end of the day, she has some needs. Some desire, which cant be fulfilled by love only. And the worst and most hurtful part is A girl can't love one person or thing for a lifetime. For example:- Girl first in love with her parents, just then with her partner, then with her kids. And the most common part is, They provide the money. Only love for her kids is unconditional. That's why the love of a mother towards her kid is the best love in the universe.

What does she expect from you?

From her partner, she only wants to be loved. For eternity! But her this desire never fulfils. No, Matter how much you love her, she will never get satisfied. You know what I mean!

If you love her, never express it to her. She will always demand love from you. She will seek it in you. But once she got it. She will start using it for her advantage. No matter what you do. For how long you talk. It will never end. boys have some basic needs to do. Girls don't care about it. Only a few can understand that boys are also a living being and they also have some desire and thoughts of themselves.

When a girl will do anything for you?

Yeah! That's right. There is a time, a moment when your girl will do anything for you. It's hard. And I'm sure, most of you will not agree with it. So, my apologies. I don't want any disrespect or any offence. I just want to share my experience. Please comment whatever you think.

Some girls are very stubborn. They need what they want. And sometimes this backfires her.

If you don't give whatever she wants. She will try her best to meet your requirements. Your passion. To empress you. To make you understand that she is the perfect fit for you and no one else in this universe can replace or is better than her for you.

If you are able to trap her in this scenario. then she will do anything for you. But again, this is not for all girls. and definitely doesn't work for a lifetime.

The best thing we can do is. Trust each other, share everything with each other. And definitely love each other without any condition or disrespect.

Best relation is a relation in which, Your partner always tries to make you happy and you do the same without expecting your partner to make you happy. #KARMA