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Whom do we worship? God Or Devil?

Updated: May 10, 2020

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In any religion. There is a concept of The god and the devil. Just with a different name and different origin stories. But all of them is quite similar. After researching a lot about god and devils. I think that we might not actually be worshipping a god but actually, We are worshipping the devil. I know this is confusing but please bear with me.

First of all, let us talk about the origin of the devil.

What is the common origin story of the devil?

After going through the Bible, the Geeta, the Ramayana, the Quran and other sources. We will found that the devil is a part of god. Either they have created them or they have originated by there deeds.

Devil is not any independent celestial being that has originated by there own. For example, The devil or SATAN from the bible is once upon an angel. The most beautiful, smart, perfect and very first angel created by god himself. He was known as Morning Star. But he was so perfect that, he started to think about himself above the god. and he started the rebellion against his own father. Well, attacking the heaven or gods place is common in every religion. Devils want to live in heaven. They have been attacking it since the start of time. That is common in all the religion.

Why do god and devil fights for worshipping?

Well, as we can think of worship. We worship those things which we don't understand the fear from. I know this is not exactly true. We also worship because we believe in something.

This might be the reason. Devil and god, both want us to believe them. In the bible. Lucifer wants to be worshipped because God doesn't take care of humans. They die, kill each other etc. Devil might want us to remove our focus from God and start believing that the devil is our actual god.

Well, all these are my personal thought. And none of will ever know the actually cause of worship. Maybe we worship God so that god bless us and also to honour him.

In this case, the devil will also want himself to be honoured!

Are we controlled by the devil and god in there fight?

God and devil being all-powerful we as human don't have a much of options. There might be a war going on right now between them which we are completely unaware of. Some of us are at the devil side and some of us are at god side. But what is we doing is actually unknown.

In every religion, there is a concept of free will. According to it, we are responsible for each and every action and their results. God has nothing to do with it. But is It true? We have watched many epics and listen to many stories where god or devil has influenced the lives of humans according to there grand plans.

Do we worship correctly and to the right being?

The method of worshipping is thought to us by some elder ones. Not by any cosmic being. In most of the methods, we offer something to god. Money, clothes, oil, candles, etc. Well, the one who has created everything. Who has everything, how can you give him something?

You can offer or sacrifice to needy only. And the needy one is the devil. The devil has been abandoned from heaven. He needs everything. Are we offering to the devil?

Because gods just want well being of us. He wants peace and harmony. He wants to be prayed at. Not in fear but with love. And this prayer can be done by helping people. We don't need to offer anything to god. We need to offer to needy. That can only be a person.

As we all know. God is everywhere. We can't keep him in a building! And we definitely do not need to offer him something that he already has.

What do you think?

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