• Abhinav

Why boys don't take stand even when he loves you?

So, He loves you and you love him too. But he has a weakness. He doesn't able to tell about you to his parents. This is common in most of boys. Just let me explain, why he does so!

You might say that he has that weakness. But, since you love him in spite of knowing his weaknesses, it means you must have seen any strength in him too and your subconscious mind must have compared him with many other eligible bachelors roaming around you with or without the marriage proposal. In spite of all this, and the weaknesses you love him, means his strengths are far more than weaknesses.

Taking a stand, is it good or bad?

You may say that, it's good. But is it?

Let's take an example.

If you married or your partner is highly determined, and one who always take stands. One day you may find him taking a strict stand, maybe against you since he found you wrong somehow in his eyes. This may end your relationship with a very harsh note.

Why you want him to take stand at first place?

This is very simple for you to answer. You want your relationship to be perfect and definitely, it must have a destination. But is it all?

I know you are serious about your relationship. That's why you are here. So, as far as I know. There are a lot of boys without a job. And I'm sure. You must have seen relationships of your other friends or some guys have purposed you in spite of the fact that you are already in a relationship. And you subconscious mind must wanted same from your partner. Well, this is also common in boys. They also wants her parents to be some actress. But let me tell you a fact. No relationship or person is perfect. And they are definitely not as good as you want them to be.

What should you do?

Answer is quite simple. Continue what you are doing. That is loving him.

There is always some distractions. There is always some issues. He will take stand at the right moment. He might be testing you. He might test his stand in your life. What you choose. How do you react when someone proposes you?

The fact is, boy doesn't have a problem in taking a stand only! They also have problems with expressing their feelings.

Boys get possessive. But it hurts them even when you text to another guy, or take a pic with another guy. You should not play with his feelings as you are his feeling. So basically you are playing with yourself.

Learn to recognize your intuition. Do what your intuition indicates you to do and be ready to dive into the ocean of uncertainty called life, because no matter whatever plan you have pre-decided for it, it's going to happen something else. So keep on loving without any expectation.